Evangelism Training

Join the comprehensive evangelism training where we equip you with practical strategies and biblical insights to effectively share the Gospel!

Let’s Go!

“The reason it is so important that you and I be willing to go is because Satan’s agents are willing to go. If Satan’s agents are willing to go and represent him, how much more should God’s vessels be willing to go? How much more should the Body of Christ be willing to go to represent Jesus of Nazareth?” Brother Jerry SavelleSharing Jesus Effectively

It’s time to GO....

Now is the time to GO and share the Name of Jesus with the world! And we’re beginning right here in Fort Worth. Join the SWBC Evangelism Team this week as we learn more about Sharing Jesus Effectively! Are you willing to GO? Room 110A/B, Monday—Friday 8:15 a.m. & 6 p.m. (Two Training Classes Daily) Street ministry teams go out after each training session.